Bondhus 26pc T Handle Hex Wrench Set Torx Metric SAE Standard Made in USA

This listing is for our (3) Three sets of Bondhus T Handle Hex Wrench Sets Torx, Metric, SAE Standard Made in USA. SAE Set Sizes: 3/32 hex, 7/64 hex, 1/8 hex, 9/64 hex, 5/32 ballpoint, 3/16 ballpoint, 7/32 ballpoint, 1/4 ballpoint, 5/16 ballpoint and 3/8 ballpoint with a stand. Torx Star Set Sizes T9, T10, […]

Craftsman SAE Socket Set Vintage Made in USA Standard 1/4 3/8 1/2 Standard

Craftsman SAE Socket Set Vintage. 1/4 3/8 1/2 Sockets – 6pt & 12pt. Excellent shape other than 1/2 Ratchet. Missing nut drivers, 1/2″ Wrench, 1/2″ Extension, 7/16″ Deep 3/8″ Socket. Case does not hold pieces in place when held by handle. Please see my other auctions for more Snap On and Mac Tools. View more […]